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Welcome To My GardenBy Sharon Stajda,


Nothing gives me more pleasure than to be out working in my garden. Well, I shouldn't say the actual work in the garden is the only pleasure I derive from my gardening hobby. I also love when the snow is still on the ground, just sitting down, and setting forth new garden plans for the following season. I take out my notes that I penned the previous summer. These notes always help me remember, what plant did not do well in its given garden space. I then can start planing for possible changes that may need to occur, in any given garden area for the season to come .


Late winter is also the time of year I head over to my local garden statuary store. Solely for the purpose of rummaging through the odds, coach outlet and ends of statuary that didn't make it through the winter months. I find some great mark downs at this time of year, which makes it well worth prodding through the snow.


Squidoo has provided me with a great forum to show off some of my favorite garden photos. I hope you will enjoy my garden photographs, maybe they will provide you with a fashion handbags sale little taste of what's to come in May. I know just working on this Lens brightened up my very snowy Michigan winter. Please fashion bags remember to leave me a greeting at my guestbook, and thank you for your visit.


All photos are from my personal garden, taken by me.


My Patio Wall Inspiration A bit Of Tuscany In My Own Backyard.


Patio GardenThis garden runs along one side of my patio. It's part shade, with a touch of sun. I enjoy this garden every morning, and most evenings, eating al fresco, or just enjoying an afternoon tea. Even on the hottest day, the ferns , and lush greenery have a way of making you feel cool. I have used several shade foliage plants, and as mentioned fern. This combination has actually lots of color variation as well as different textures. I also have included a wonderful water feature, that adds a soft trickling sound to the garden. This garden is truly peaceful, and so relaxing. I wanted just a touch of blooms, plus at night the white Cyber Monday coach outlet impatiens are visually beautiful.


The Wonderful Sounds Of A Garden.


A Sunny Little GardenThis year, I will be creating a sunny area in my yard to a rose garden. I planted a rose bush in this garden lasts year, and it did so well. I just know this garden will make a good home for roses. I love roses. However, they take a bit more care than most flowering bushes. I have always want to plant a rose garden, and think I will give it a go. I love the look, and the scent of roses, and will consider this when choosing my bushes.


How To Plant Roses Step by step easy instructionsHow To Plant Roses


If I Can Do It So Can You. If you follow these simple rules, your rose bush will be more than happy to give you years of beautiful colorful roses.


the Moonlight And My GardenThis moonlight garden glows with white color after dark. If you are interested into planting a moonlight garden, please visit my lens on how to plant a moonlight garden. I have added the link just below. If you have never planted a moonlight garden you may want to consider planting one.


How To Plant A Moonlight Garden Check Out My BlogA moonlight garden comes alive at dusk, and coach outlet online store becomes more enchanting after dark. Coming to life with beautiful hues, and soft scents that float through the night air.


How To Plant A Moonlight fashion handbags Garden


I have the perfect garden for people that want to enjoy their garden, long after the suns gone down. Whether you're a romantic at heart or just work until dark, A "Moonlight Garden" can offer you a perfect setting to relax or pursue romance.


A Sunny Garden Gate Garden. A very English garden. The mixture is a happy fashion handbags one, that says "Welcome" This garden is in full sun, and takes lots of water, as well as plant food. It's just an old Coach Cyber Monday outlet fashion sunny garden.


A Very Shady Place For A Garden. 9 comments


GardenIdeasHub LM 2 years ago


Beautiful garden. Love it! Thanks for sharing.


delia delia 3 years ago Level 2 Commenter


RinchenChodron 4 years ago


Shar I love your garden photos looks like a lovely place cheap coach black friday to spend time outdoors! I want to invite you to our photo challenge You can black friday coach sale still participate we are less than a month in and you can just upload a couple of shots a day to catch up to us.

The topic the article

lasting legacy in Georgia as Selma hits screens



Just off a quiet road in rural Georgia, about 60 miles east of Atlanta, lies Moore's Ford Bridge. It's an unremarkable concrete structure and the only clue to its terrible history is a crudely sprayed "KKK" underneath.


On a hot summer evening in July 1946 this was where the American South's last unsolved mass lynching took place.


Two black couples Roger Malcom with wife Dorothy and Second World War veteran George Dorsey and his wife Mae buy oakley sunglasses outlet were dragged from their car by up to 25 members of the Ku Klux Klan . They were beaten, tied to trees and, according to the local coroner, shot more than 60 times.


The killing was so brutal that none of the bodies could be recognised and seven months pregnant Dorothy had her baby ripped out of her womb.


The crime appalled the nation. President Harry Truman personally ordered the FBI to investigate but, as with so many racist killings in the USA at that time, they came up against a wall of white silence.


Now, almost 70 years on, with race relations under sharp focus, the investigation has been reopened. Three of the killers are said to be alive and an 88 year old local has been questioned. Charlie Peppers, who lives 10 miles from the scene, confirmed that he was quizzed by two FBI agents.


Wayne, 57, said: "All through my life, I heard them talk about Moore's Ford and the lynching. I'm tired of it, going through life and you're living with lies."


The new probe comes as Selma, the film about buy replica ray bans black leader Martin Luther King's civil rights march through the segregated south, is in the running for Best Picture at tomorrow's Oscars. And it follows nationwide unrest over recent killings of black men in suspect circumstances.


Last week a report by America's Equal Justice Initiative revealed that there were at least 700 more lynchings than previously recorded in the southern states. In Georgia alone there were 586 between 1877 to 1950, more than any other state.


Activists are vigorously campaigning for the surviving suspects to face justice before it is too late. To this day the families of the victims are still haunted by the killings.


But they have little optimism that the latest investigation will result in convictions. George Dorsey's nephew Columbus Dorsey Jr, replica ray bans 65, told the Mirror he had bitterly resigned himself to the fact that no one would ever pay for such a terrible crime.


"It is still very much a case of them and us in Georgia," he says. "Back then my uncle, like all blacks, didn't have a chance. The pain of his death has never left my family. It is a cross we still carry to this day.


The events which led to the brutal murders began with a fight. Victim Roger Malcom, 24, a sharecropper, was thrown into jail after drunkenly stabbing white farmer Barnette Hester, landing him in hospital. Witnesses said he suspected Hester of sleeping with his wife Dorothy.


After 11 days, Dorothy, 20, and her brother George Dorsey, 28, asked white farm boss Loy Harrison for help in getting Roger out of jail. At first he flatly refused. Then he mysteriously changed his mind and paid $600 (the equivalent of today) into Monroe county courthouse to bail out his hired help.


The wealthy farmer, suspected of being a Klansman himself, then drove the Malcoms, along with Dorsey and wife Mae, 23, towards his farm by a circuitous route. As they approached Moore's Ford Bridge the truck was fake discount oakleys stopped and surrounded by a gang of armed men.


None of the Klan wore hoods or other disguises. replica cheap oakleys They didn't need to.


First the two black men were hauled from the car and beaten up. At one stage a noose was placed around Roger Malcom's neck. Then, when they Klan realised the women knew too much, it was their turn. Both had their arms broken as they struggled and screamed for their lives. Finally the Klan tied all four victims to trees and formed a makeshift firing squad. As the leader counted down 3 2 1, a volley of fake oakleys shots tore the bodies apart.


Loy Harrison, right, buy replica oakley sunglasses wealthy Monroe farmer, who was unable oakleys outlet to identify a suspect in the lynching of four black people on the banks of the Appalachee River


Loy Harrison, who saw the whole thing and had lived in the town since boyhood, claimed he did not recognise a single man.


Local police, said to be Klansmen too, also stayed silent. The FBI identified 55 people suspected of involvement in cheap replica oakleys the killing or its planning. But no one talked.


In December 1946 a federal grand jury of 21 whites and two blacks heard 100 witnesses yet raised no indictments.


Seven decades on, campaigners from the Moore's Ford Memorial Committee pin their hopes on the examples of other replica oakley sunglasses atrocities that were re investigated and solved, such as the case of Edgar Ray Killen, a Klansman who in 1964 murdered three civil rights workers in Mississippi, and was finally jailed for 60 years in 2007, aged 82.

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most of freshman year

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Smažený útok z USA

Když byla moje sestra malá, nedokázala si zapamatovat slovo řízek, a tak místo toho v restauracích číšníka žádala o „smažecí kuřecí“. O něco později začala celá naše rodina používat tento pojem pro označení všeho, co bylo obaleno v mouce a hozeno do oleje. A proč to vůbec říkám? Podle různých českých serverů nás tady v naší rodné vepřovo-knedlíkaté zemi čeká právě takový „smažecí“ nájezd přímo z Ameriky, kde se všechno to smažené zlo zrodilo.

Nežijte, jinak zemřete!

Nedělní ráno začalo zcela obvykle. S téměř zavřenýma očima se vleču do kuchyně, po hmatu hledám kafe, konvici a sladidlo. Ze zvyku si do hrnku hodím dvě tabletky toho zlého aspartamu, před kterým mě má spolubydlící denně varuje. Ani tentokrát nezklamala. „Zase do sebe házíš to svinstvo? Přece jsem ti říkala, že dostaneš rakovinu!“ kárá mě, vytahujíc si z krabičky svou první ranní cigaretu. Raději to nekomentuji a s hrnkem jedovaté kávy v ruce se zavřu v pokoji.

V Létě vedro, v Zimě zima

Jeden den si říkáme: "Bože, to je dneska zase vedro, to se nedá vydržet!" A druhý den, když se ochladí, si zase stěžujeme: "To je kosa, už aby bylo hezky!" Proč je počasí stále tak stereotypně omílané téma nejen v interpersonální, ale i celospolečenské komunikaci?

Státní "utrpení"

Podle serveru či diskuze pod facebookovým profilem společnosti Cermat se zdá, že někteří studenti při psaní maturitních testů trpěli, neboť tam bylo – mimo jiné - příliš mnoho otázek na porozumění textu. Na mysl vytane otázka, co by v těch testech tedy mělo být? Každý vzdělaný dospělý jedinec by přeci měl rozumět psanému i čtenému textu.

Zasaď strom, postav dům a zploď syna

Přišlo jaro a zjevně to povzbudilo další zastupitele k bohulibé činnosti, sázení stromů.  Tentokrát v Jaroměřici nad Rokytnou, dostali na to z Bruselu peníze. A pustili se do toho hlava nehlava (tedy jimi pověřená firma, na kterou se lze vždycky vymluvit). Sázejí všude, i na místa, kam by se ostýchali i Greenpeasáci. Takže třeba vylekané babičky našli strom u hrobu svého nebožtíka. Nebo pejsek na procházce, který si chtěl, jako obvykle, zaběhnout do řeky, narazil do dalšího stromu.